Rafting with Cabriel Roc

Cabriel Roc

Three stretches of the river Cabriel

Cabriel Roc offers you 3 stretches of the river Cabriel rafting down:

1Casas del Río-Salto de Cofrentes: Level I-II white water, it has approximately 8 kilometers. It is ideal for children and families: In addition, we combine rafting and canoeing. So, the most adventurous participants down by canoeing; children, mothers and older people descend by rafting boats. The boat is safer because always is managed by trained and experienced monitors. In the rafting descents permit us to bring a little fridge with soft drinks. In calm areas, you also can take a rest and swimming in the river. Price 25 €/pax.

2 | Tamayo-Tete: Level II white water, it has about 6 kilometers. It has more difficult steps. Price 35 €/pax.

3 | Hoces del Cabriel. Level II-III white water, it has about 18 kilometers around The Natural Park of "Hoces del Cabriel". The duration of the activity is more or less 3-4 hours. Price: 49 €/pax (Picnic included).

*This activity depends of the water river level, for this reason we normally do it from June to September.

More information and reservations at   655760502 or at info@cabrierroc.com